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AR Apps

We are currently working on our own AR apps in different industries like Property, Education, Medical and Hospitality etc.

Payment Products

Easy payment methods can help businesses to collect payments more efficiently, have better cash flow structures resulting in financially healthy business operations.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, AR technology must be worth an entire library

Creative Partners

Need help to market your brand to the Asian market? Let us help manage your Chinese mark

IT Business Solutions

Our company is uniquely positioned in New Zealand’s IT industry due to our solid IT and business experience


Have you heard about WeChat before, but not entirely sure what it has to offer? How about Wechat pay?


Comparing a resume to a job description is an imperfect thing, there’s no science there.

About Us

Our Vision

Smart future. Simpler living.

Our Motto

Growing together.

Our Mission

To build a trusted cutting edge smart digital ecosystem for kiwi businesses and the kiwis in New Zealand.

Our Values

Connecting, Innovation, Caring, Integrity.

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